which is a nice computer with many great games!

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NEC PC Core (NP2kai), which is a nice computer with many great games!

AZO234 added a number of improvements to this core, including support for more disk formats (floppy and SCSI HDD), sound fixes and new soundcards and better savestate support.

BIOS files locate in "np2" directory at BIOS directory (configured by RetroArch). Configure file (np2.cfg) is made in "np2" BIOS directory.

NP2 menu is opened when F12 key or mouse middle button or joypad L2 button. NP2 menu can FDD/HDD swap.

Mouse is cuptured (hidden/show toggle) by F11 key.

Mouse cursor is able to move with joypad when Joy2Mouse mode.

Switch Joy2Mouse mode in config.

D-UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT: mouse move

B button: left click

A button: right click

Keyboard is able to control with joypad when Joy2Key mode.

Switch Joy2Key mode in config.

D-UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT: Arrow key or Keypad(2468) key B button: Z key

A button: X key

X button: Space key

Y button: left Ctrl key

L button: Backspace key

R button: right Shift key

Select button: Escape key

Start button: Return key

If you use 104 western keyboard, to input underscore(_), press Shift+right Ctrl.

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