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Emulator Windows Linux Mac OS X
Dega (altered versions) Yes Yes Unknown
BizHawk Yes Yes (with Mono) Yes (with Mono)
DeSmuME Yes Yes (with Wine) Unknown
Dolphin Yes Yes Yes
FCE Ultra Yes Unknown Unknown
FCEUX Yes Yes Yes
FinalBurnAlpha Yes Unknown Unknown
Gens Yes Yes (with Wine) Unknown
Hourglass Yes No No
lsnes Yes Yes Yes
Mednafen Yes Yes Unkown
Mupen64-rr Yes Yes (with Wine) Unknown
openMSX Yes Yes Yes
Pcejin Yes Unknown Unknown
PCSX Yes Unknown Unknown
PSXjin Yes Unknown Unknown
Snes9x Yes Yes Yes
VisualBoyAdvance Yes Yes (with Wine) Unknown
VBjin Yes Unknown Unknown
Yabause Yes Unknown Unknown

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